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Freguently Asked Questions:


Must I register again if I would like to alter my e-mail-address?

How can I change my User Profile?

How can I update my user information, my address, telephone number, etc?

What, if I have registered myself, but I did not get my registration email with the activation code?


What do the Stars mean next to the User Names?
What is a Preferred Member?
How do Dutch Auctions work?


How can I alter my auction or completely delete it?

Are there fees when I sell something?

Why does my picture not show?

How can I post a Buy-It-Now Auction?


How can I sell "Buy-It-Now" items?

What is "Buy-It-Now"?

Finding Items

How can I find a listing by the Item Number?


How do I place a proxy bid? It looks like I can only place a Maximum Bid?

What happens when selling or buying auctions with a Minimum Price?

What is a bid increment?

After the Auction Ends

What do I do, if I have won an Auction, but the Seller doesn't want to sell to me?

What do I do if the User will not pay for the Auction they won?

Where do I place the Feedback on a User?

What if I can not get in touch with the High Bidder?

What if I can not reach the Seller of an Auction Item I won?

What if I do not agree with a Feedback placed on me?

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