The Dumpster Side of Trains

That's a great title isn't it? Now if I could only figure out what to write that would be appropriate with such a wonderful title. I guess I could write something like the fact that I'm losing my memory, and I do deal in trains. That would fit it.

I am embarrassed to say that I can back up that statement by telling you about the other day when I walked in my office, and stood there in front of the beeping security panel, and for the life of me I couldn't remember my security code. So of course the alarm went off, and I had to deal with the embarrassment of telling the security people what happened much like I am you now. Why do I do that?

The other day I was going golfing when I opened the trunk to check on something and my golf clubs weren't there. Well they were there the day before when I hit golf balls at the range! Had someone stolen my golf clubs and left everything else in the car?

As it turned out when I was finished practicing I drove the cart to my car, changed shoes, then returned the cart without taking my clubs off the cart. I'm glad it's a private club, or I would have never seen those suckers again!!!

Something else happened that was very weird like the two stories above, but I can't remember what it was!!

OK, I guess those things are sort of dumsterish, and I do deal in trains, so they match somewhat, but there has to be something better that I can include in this article that would match that brilliant title in a better way!

Holy garbage Batman, how about the time that someone actually brought a dumpster full of trains to sell me in the store? It was full to the top with trains, and I actually paid them money for them! That happened several years ago. I used the dumpster as a junk bin in the store, but eventually put it in the back room to class the store up a little. The dumpster is still there in my back room. Now that's a dumpster story, but not exactly what I was aiming for.

OK, here is the dumpster story that will floor you! My daughter and I were working outside of the store on the corner of 32nd and Zuck Road here in Erie, and while working we found and picked up at least 100 cigarette butts. Maybe I should take the dumpster that's in the back room, and put it on that corner so that the slobs who are throwing their cigarette butts there can have something to aim for! Na, that would detract from the flowers we planted. I don't think you would be able to see them with that dumpster there.

Now for you real dumpster fans, this is the real deal. As some of you, maybe many of you know, or maybe don't know, Marx used to make trains here in this area. Actually they made them in Girard, Pa, which is maybe 15 minutes away in their factory. Well back in the 70's when they closed, or were about to close, they used to throw gobs and gobs of unused trains away in dumpsters. Now some of the guys that knew about this used to lower themselves to actually going in those dumpsters to extract electric trains before the dumbsters were actually emptied into those gigantic garbage trucks and hauled away. Had I known about it I surely would have been one of those dumpster train guys!!! Well, I mean they were throwing brand new trains away.

To this day I can't figure out what they were thinking! I mean, the trains had to have some value even back then. Oh well, I guess maybe that is one of those dumpster reasons why Marx went out of business. If you can't sell it, throw it away. Good policy!

Although I do have a lot of inventory I haven't sold yet, so maybe it would be a good idea to start throwing it away. Now I know why Marx did it, they were threatening their customers ‘‘if you don't buy it, we'll throw it away!!' So since Marx was such a big manufacturer and all, maybe I should do the same.

OK you guys had better get busy buying from me, or that just may happen. That'll show you not to buy from me. I'll just throw the stuff away!

Good thing my memory's going. With any luck I'll forget about that ‘‘throwing away trains' idea real soon!

Sorry about this article! What a dumpster waste of time, huh?

Charles Siegel (traincity)