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Free Electric Train Price Guide
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Items shown on this list are not for sale. This is a price guide generated from our database based on past sales history. Items appearing in this guide have been sold in the year shown in the date column and are no longer in our inventory. To view our current inventory please check out or Thanks for using our guides.

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T-REPRODUCTIONS Generated 04/26/2018

Description Grade Year Price
116 STATION 2017 199
129-B TERRACE New Ob 2014 203
300 HELL GATE BRIDG New Ob 2009 235
438 SIGNAL TOWER New Ob 2009 116
444 ROUND HOUSE New Ob 2008 194
840 POWER STATION New Ob 2008 229
12007 BUDDY L OD RR CABOOSE New Ob 2012 341
12023 BUDDY L SIDE DUMP CAR New 2012 482
12024 BUDDY L FLATCAR New 2012 211
2000-A BUDDY-L ENGINE AND TENDER New Ob 2012 872
2001-C CABOOSE New Ob 2012 367
2003-T BUDDY-L TANK CAR New Ob 2012 370
2007-H HOPPER CAR (BLACK) New Ob 2012 260
2007-H SILVER HOPPER New Ob 2012 310
2008-BC SIDE BALLAST CAR BUDDY L New Ob 2012 282
2011-W WORK CABOOSE (BUDDY L) New Ob 2012 436
2022-PD PILE DRIVER (BUDDY L) New Ob 2012 270
2023-S BUDDY-L STEAM SHOVEL New Ob 2012 320
4501 BUDDY L LOCO/TENDER New Ob 2012 1005

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