Happy Thanksgiving

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is going to be really swell! Mineís staring out a little freaky.

You see I just had some surgery and Iím feeling a little funny. Itís like yesterday I go to the hospital and the nurses were so nice. They frowned at me when I had told them I didnít want anaesthesia. Actually they thought I was crazy. Maybe I was.

So when they put me on the table and got me so comfortable, I though this was going to be a breeze. And it would have been until the doctor stuck that damn knife in my shoulder. I screamed, and thank goodness he stopped.

They asked me again if I wanted anaesthesia, and well, dah, that was a pretty easy question to answer right then.

So they stuck this needle in my arm and another one somewhere else. Iím not sure. Probably somewhere near my shoulder. By this time I didnít particularly care.

I felt so nice and cozy laying there on my side. This was one operation that I was going to enjoy! But darn if I didnít miss the whole thing.

I remember someone saying, ĎOK Mr. Siegel, we are going to move you now.í

Move me? Move me where? They hadnít even started the operation yet!

Oh, but they had and they were finished. It was freaky. I donít know about this operation stuff. Nothing like running trains except for it sure made time go faster.

Well, they wheeled me out in this other room, and I just layed there for a while until they brought me some cookies and milk. If I could have, I would have married that nurse right then and there, but I donít think my wife would have let me. So I didnít bring it up.

And then on the way home we stopped at this drug store for some drugs I guess. But it was going to take a while, so I went to my friends coin store and talked to him for a while. Iím not sure why he looked at me funny, well that is until I told him I had just had an operation. It was fun. I love coins!

And then we got home and had Turkey for dinner. Now that was confusing because I thought Thanksgiving was coming up. But I guess some days must have passed me by with that operation, but oh do I love turkey! And well, I thought thanksgiving was on Thursday, not Monday. Could this be a conspiracy?

Well, I had trouble sleeping last night. Iíd keep waking up, and my shoulder hurt so Iíd take another one of these little white pills, which incidently taste almost as good as the turkey did. I love turkey!

So now I sit here at work, not sure what I should do. So I thought Iíd update this page, since I only did it three days ago, and heaven only knows you have to keep things up to date.

Well, actually I was in the store and Jim and Joyce kicked me out and told me to go find some work to do. Not sure, but I might have been bugging them a little bit. Wow, are they grouchy today.

So I said to myself, self, what would you do if you were here and me at the same time.....

So we agreed that writing an informative train essay would be the way to go today.

And besides... Happy Thanksgiving@!!!

Charles Siegel (I think!)