Wanted To Buy: Electric Trains

Hello, I'm Charles Siegel. This is a picture of my father and I playing with my new Santa Fe Marx Electric Train Set when I was a little younger. This picture mysteriously appeared in my car a couple of years ago. I think my mother had something to do with this. Either that or the train elf was at work that day! What wonderful memories though!!

At any rate, you may have seen my ads in the magazines and periodicals. You know, the ones where I want to buy a million dollars worth of trains this year. Believe me, I do buy a lot of trains. I'm not exactly sure how many I have purchased this year alone, but you'd be surprised I know.

As always, I am in need of new inventory, because my customers tend to eat up new inventory like it's a delicious pepperoni pizza! (Well, anyway that's my favorite, and if you add some hot wings, a beer and conversation about how well I golfed, that would be perfect!)

Seriously though, I do need to buy trains. I need collections from small to huge! I prefer huge, but we'll settle for small any time!! I do pay finder's fees should you come across someone who is selling who hasn't already contacted me. Send them my way, and if I buy the collection, you'll receive some easy money.

Honestly, I don't pay retail, because I re-sell most of what I buy, however I do pay fair prices that are based on today's market.

Look, do yourself a favor. Give me a call for more information on how you can sell me your train collection. The number is 321.799.4005. Or if you would prefer just click here for some great advice on how to sell your collection. This article even tells you how you can sell successfully to others, but I hope you'll sell to me. Please!!! I'll treat you right. Don't forget, I have your money, you have my trains!

Don't forget I am now in Florida. We would be happy to do business with you here or travel to you. If you like warm weather and a break from the cold of Winter, possibly you would consider doing business here!

I sincerely hope you will consider doing business with me. I am easy to deal with and take pride in conducting business with professionalism and honesty.