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What is Buy-It-Now?

Buy-It-Now is an exciting optional enhancement to your listings. As a seller, if you choose to use the Buy-It-Now feature at the time of listing, you will be able to name a price at which you would be willing to sell your item to any buyer who meets your specified price. Your listing will be run as a normal auction, but will now feature a Buy-It-Now price. Buyers will have the option to buy your item instantly without waiting for the listing to end or can bid on your item as usual.

Buyers, if you see a Buy-It-Now item, you'll need to act quickly! Buy-It-Now will only be available before the first bid (or the first bid high enough to meet or beat the seller's reserve in Reserve Price auctions) is placed on the item. As soon as a bid is placed, the Buy-It-Now price will no longer be available and the item will sell through the normal process.

Why use Buy-It-Now?


Buyers Sellers
Buy items without having to wait for the auction to end. Sell your items fast, without waiting for the auction to end.
Quick, easy, and convenient way to shop for the holidays. Quick, easy, and convenient way to sell items. Free for a limited time.
The choice to buy first or bid! Get potential buyers to act on your items earlier
Buy an item at a fair price. Sell your item for the price you want.

How do I know an auction has a Buy-It-Now price?

It's easy! Look for the Buy-It-Now icon on search results page, and the item page itself.


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