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Why isn't my picture showing up?

My picture showed up before but now it's gone:
There are two possibilities:

  1. The picture may have accidentally been deleted from the server where it was stored. Check to see if it is still there. If it's gone, uploading it again should fix the problem.
  2. The server where your picture is stored is down or having problems. You'll need to contact your provider to determine if it is having trouble.

My picture never showed up:
You may have a typo in your URL (Web site address). URLs must match exactly what is displayed on the Web. They are also case sensitive. For example, if your URL has an "a" don't type it as "A." Be sure you haven't used a backward slash "\" where there should be a forward slash "/."

Make sure your file name ends in ".gif" or ".jpg" or it won't be viewable.

You must include the jpg or gif extension on your filename. Most browsers won't be able to view your file if it isn't included. In other words, the file name of a picture might be "picture.jpg", but not just "picture".

Avoid using spaces entirely. If you have a picture of a blue truck, use "bluetruck" or "blue-truck" not "blue truck."

Or it could be that your picture doesn't exist on your server space. If this is the case, uploading it to your server should fix the problem.

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