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reports/Train City Price List 4/7/21 The auctions on this site have been moved to:

Actually we moved to ebay from this site for other reasons, but we were able to set up our ebay store similar to this site. We will continue to improve it and let you know about new collections, etc. here.

As a matter of fact we are purchasing a super nice Lionel post war collection next week. You saw that here first! We will give you a heads up here in the future.

You know, I was sort of depressed when I realized we would have to stop using this site for auctions. There is still hope that we will be able to open it up to auctions sometime in the future. After all the auctions on this site have been on-going for over 20 years.

And then there are our customers who we love and hope you don't think we are doing this for any other reason than changes in the way the internet works.

Well I hope you will give our new ebay store a try. Let me know if we can be of service anytime whether you are buying or selling.