The sort feature (Relevance)  Doesn't seem to work.  Will this be fixed?

Yes the creators of the software are aware of this and will fix it with the next update.

What caused choochooauctions to shut down?
It all had to do with the Internet sales tax.  We had no direction on how to become compliant from the government or anyone.  So we took a pause.  And in the mean time worked on this new software. 

Will I be charged sales tax?
That depends on what state you live in.  We have to collect sales tax in Florida now.  In the future there will be other states we will have to collect for.  That will not happen immediately.  Truthfully, it is complicated.  That is why we are hiring a firm to figure it out for us.

How can I keep track of my bids and purchases?
Go to the bottom of your dashboard after signing in.  Links for bids, purchases, unread messages, and my sales (if you are an approved seller) are there.

Can I sell trains on choochooauctions.com?
We hope so.  We have to get the sales tax ironed out, but it is our intention to offer other selected sellers to sell on this site if feasible.

Just so you know, I was unsuccessful in trying to sign up at the  choochooauctions.com web site. After I filled out the form and  pressed the ‘Submit” button, I got an error message saying I had > an invalid CAPTCHA code. I tried again and the same error was returned  to me.  I’d like to sign up but I don’t know how to get past this  error message.
Yes we do have this site protected from bots and other
predators on the internet with google CAPTCHA.  Try a different browser and be careful what you enter.  If this persists please give us a call at 321-799-4007 and we will probably be able to solve the problem.

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