We are back!

Auctions have started 

Navigation is different for this site.  Very important that you read below.   Please note that there is an annoying cookie message that you must acknowledge in order to sign-in.  Sorry about that.

When you sign up please subscribe to the newsletter.  We will give important information through that newsletter.

My account This will open the very important Members Area menu where you can see your bids, invoices, message us and maybe other functions.  Once you register, check this out.  It does fuction similarly to the personal menu on the old choochooauctions.

Wish List I have no idea what this is, but we will figure that out together.  Sounds pretty cool!

Home Click here to see auctions.  I don't know that it shows all of the auctions though.  I don't know if there is a place to see all auctions, although there may be.  I hope so and if not that will be on my list of things to improve.

Buy This brings up categories of items we have in stock. 

Stores I haven't figured this out yet but I am hoping it will be like ebay and have all set price and auctions together.  Of course at first that would be traincity items but we may offer other select train people to use this site to sell like in the good old days before the Internet sales tax.  Click on stores every once in a while as once we figure out, we will open it up!

Categories I believe categories is based on what categories have items in them.  Choose category lists all header categories which you can choose.  But if there is nothing there, nothing will show.

Search This functions.  If you are looking for a particular item it will find it.  When testing I had a 2360 GG-1 on the site.  I was able to find it by putting just 2360 in the search box.  I also found it by just putting gg-1 in.  I imagine if you were looking for a girl's set you could find it by just typing girl!  Advanced search just gives you some more options.

Tabs Please note the tabs below the search bar.   These will allow you to find featured listings, recently listed, ending soon, popular listings.

Buy out Buy out is the same as buy it now.

Shipping   Continental shipping prices for fedex will appear in each auction.  We will combine auctions similar to before where possible.  As before we will ship internationally through the US Post office and will combine shipments that fall within 7 days if possible.  We will charge actual shipping plus 25% as before.

Members Area Clicking on my account while logged in gets you here as stated above.  When you click on buying it will show you your purchases and current bids.  Once you win something, you can go into purchases and see and pay invoices.  If you prefer, you can pay by check which should be mentioned on the invoice but we haven't set that up yet.  You will be able to easily be able to pay as when you click on the pay button a form will pop-up which will allow you to pay by credit card or your paypal account.

If you have questions please let us know.  Thanks very much for your interest!